Universal Mobility Coach System (UMCS)

The Universal Mobility COACH system is designed for ACTIVE Rehabilitation, to promote higher levels of mobility

  • 13 slings in ONE SYSTEM.

  • One size that will fit patients from children weighing 60lbs to adults weighing 400lbs for sit to stand and for ambulation.

  • Multiple adjustments allow you to get a good fit with patients of various body types and shapes

  • Wipe down feature allows you to use with many patients with one sling.

  • New applications for Rehabilitation that have never been available before!


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How to use the UMCS

#1: Safety (Must watch before using UMCS)

#2: Introduction


#3: Orientation to your UMCS

#4: Core Concepts


#5: Thigh support

#6: Attaching to a lift


#7: Transitional movements

#8: 4 point application


#9: Bungee Gait Assist

#10: W formation


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